Hot off the presses: Powerful new book on housing

Rebuilding a Dream is getting rave reviews and will have a powerful, postive impact on public opinion and nudge policymakers to renew the Johnson-era commitment to cities and housing, said Andre Shashaty, president of PSC and author of the book. Purchase your copy of the book at www.sustainabilitystore.org

White House focuses on homeless vets

First lady Michelle Obama took to the podium at a national conference on homelessness recently to celebrate progress on ending the problem among veterans, and to say that success among vets will point the way to reducing homelessness among other groups as well. CLICK IMAGE to the right to read excerpts of her remarks.

Homeless kids: 1.258 million or more

A promising step toward progress for the million plus American school students who are homeless, according to the latest data from the Dept of Education. Why you should support new legislation intended to make sense of federal policies on homeless – and help these kids get housing.
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Rebuilding A Dream: Read the Excerpts, Buy the Book Now.