Six reasons to buy this book

"Rebuilding a Dream" makes a strong argument for redoubling our nation's efforts to provide affordable housing and revitalize our communities. Click on the image at right to get the whole story about why you should buy this important new book now.

From Watts to Ferguson: Have we learned anything?

Violent protests that erupted after the legal outcome of the Ferguson police shooting case had far deeper causes than most politicians want to acknowledge. America’s affordable housing crisis and slowing progress on fair housing was and is at the heart of the anger and frustration that set the stage for violence. What’s worse, the recent unrest could be just a taste of what’s to come. Click image

Homeless kids: 1.258 million or more

A promising step toward progress for the million plus American school students who are homeless, according to the latest data from the Dept of Education. Why you should support new legislation intended to make sense of federal policies on homeless – and help these kids get housing.
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Rebuilding A Dream: Read the Excerpts, Buy the Book Now.